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lynx-dev Lynx with lss, and reloading options

From: Frederic L. W. Meunier
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx with lss, and reloading options
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 02:03:18 -0200 (EDT)
User-agent: Pine 4.21 (lnp) - Linux 2.2.9

Hi. Just installed 2.8.3dev.17, this time compiled without lss
(--enable-color-style). It's good to see that you can change
the colors on a running session. Unfortunatelly it's (until
now) impossible when compiled with lss. So, I have some
questions about it:

- It's planned to make an option to reload a default lss file?
Like realoding your lynx.cfg and jumps file actually. It's not
so useful for most of us, but since you have lots of options
with lss, you may want to test a color scheme, or change it on
a running session. It's too bad you can't do it, and have to
fire up a new Lynx to change it. If you use Mutt (or Pine >=
4.20) you know what I'm talking about. The facility to change
the colors on a running session.

- No chance to compile Lynx with both --enable-default-colors
and --enable-color-style, and choose what you want to use at
runtime? Like if you don't use -lss= it should use the default
colors. It's just an idea. Implementing this seems to be hard,

- I made a mistake setting my NTTPSERVER in lynx.cfg, edited
the file, and tried to reload it. But this seems to not
work. Where can I find a list of the options that can be
reloaded on a running session? If this isn't available, it
would be nice to have it on some file. Sorry if I'm totally
wrong about that.

Have a nice day.

Frédéric L. W. Meunier [Tel: +55-21-620-7173 - Niterói-RJ Brasil]
AppWatch - <ONLY> Free Software/ Open Source </ONLY> - address@hidden,net,org}

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