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lynx-dev Lynx crash

From: Larry W. Virden
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx crash
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 20:08:30 -0500 (EST)

I was at tonite and went to do an 'empty trash' operation
and got a core dump.
I can send along as need demands info about configuration, platform, etc.
Let me know specifically what info would be of help.  Note this was not
the first Empty Trash operation I had done during the particular lynx
session.  It is however the first I had requested I believe since doing
a text field edit, inserting a large number of lines into the text field.

A Fatal error has occurred in Lynx Ver. 2.8.3dev.16

Please notify your system administrator to confirm a bug, and
if confirmed, to notify the lynx-dev list.  Bug reports should
have concise descriptions of the command and/or URL which causes
the problem, the operating system name with version number, the
TCPIP implementation, and any other relevant information.

Do NOT mail the core file if one was generated.

Lynx now exiting with signal:  10

$ dbx lynx core

Reading lynx
core file header read successfully
program terminated by signal ABRT (Abort)
Current function is FatalProblem
 3984           abort();
(dbx 1) where
  [1] _kill(0x0, 0x6, 0xef5a3100, 0x0, 0xffffffff, 0x0), at 0xef58820c
  [2] abort(0xef5a3100, 0x27, 0xef5aa9d4, 0x2cc738, 0x0, 0x0), at 0xef53a5c8
=>[3] FatalProblem(sig = 10), line 3984 in "LYMain.c"
  [4] sigacthandler(0xa, 0x0, 0xefffc308, 0x0, 0x0, 0x3), at 0xef5389d4
  ---- called from signal handler with signal 10 (SIGBUS) ------
  [5] t_splay(0x39c500, 0x5cc88, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0xef546758
  [6] t_delete(0x39c500, 0xef5a3100, 0x63656c00, 0x39c4a0, 0x352d70, 0x58), at 
  [7] realfree(0x39c4a8, 0x39c4f8, 0xef5a9710, 0xef5a3100, 0x39c4a0, 0x5b), at 
  [8] _free_unlocked(0x384120, 0xef5a9684, 0xef5a3100, 0x0, 0xef5a3100, 
0xef54684c), at 0xef546904
  [9] free(0x384120, 0x0, 0xffffffff, 0xef5a60ec, 0xef5a3100, 0x47584), at 
  [10] HText_free(self = 0x37cb10), line 937 in "GridText.c"
  [11] HText_new(anchor = 0x37c810), line 744 in "GridText.c"
  [12] HText_new2(anchor = 0x37c810, stream = (nil)), line 908 in "GridText.c"
  [13] actually_set_style(me = 0x33c000), line 185 in "HTML.c"
  [14] HTML_start_element(me = 0x33c000, element_number = 55, present = 
0x419168 "", value = 0x41918c, tag_charset = 0, include = 0x419264), line 1063 
in "HTML.c"
  [15] start_element(context = 0x419138), line 1268 in "SGML.c"
  [16] SGML_character(context = 0x419138, c_in = '>'), line 3054 in "SGML.c"
  [17] HTMIME_put_character(me = 0x3bdb70, c = '>'), line 183 in "HTMIME.c"
  [18] HTMIME_write(me = 0x3bdb70, s = 0x3520a1 "Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 
00:57:55 GMT^M\nConnection: close^M\nContent-Type: 
text/html^M\n^M\n<html>\n<head><title>Yahoo! Mail</title></head>\n<body 
alink=#0000ff vlink=#0000ff bgcolor=#ffffff 
 border=0 width="100%" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr>\n<td width="132" 
align=left valign=top>\n<map name=m><area coords="0,0,115,60" 
href="/ym/us/Welcome?YY=17694"><area coords="0,60,65,75" 
href="""; ..., l = 1443), 
line 1719 in "HTMIME.c"
  [19] HTLoadHTTP(arg = 0x352df0 
 anAnchor = 0x37c810, format_out = 0x30b520, sink = (nil)), line 1942 in 
  [20] HTLoad(addr = 0x36d2b0 
 anchor = 0x37c810, format_out = 0x30b520, sink = (nil)), line 699 in 
  [21] HTLoadDocument(full_address = 0x36d2b0 
 anchor = 0x37c810, format_out = 0x30b520, sink = (nil)), line 931 in 
  [22] HTLoadAbsolute(docaddr = 0xefffda34), line 1091 in "HTAccess.c"
  [23] getfile(doc = 0x2d7d60), line 817 in "LYGetFile.c"
  [24] mainloop(), line 5384 in "LYMainLoop.c"
  [25] main(argc = 2, argv = 0xefffe244), line 2046 in "LYMain.c"
(dbx 2)
Larry W. Virden <URL:mailto:address@hidden><>
<URL:> <*> O- 
Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, nothing in this posting should 
be construed as representing my employer's opinions.

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