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lynx-dev LYNX: in P(rint), add "0. <url of THIS doc>" to "References"

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: in P(rint), add "0. <url of THIS doc>" to "References"
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 15:04:29 -0800 (PST)

You read a news article somewhere, want to P(rint) it to a file
and them email it off to a set of friends.

Usually the "References" at the bottom of the output-file
are pretty worthless for the friends (it's just a news
article, containing WITHIN THE ARTICLE no links to 
info related TO the article itself -- just a bunch
of links to advertisers, OTHER kinds of news
they supply (sports, politics, govt, ...) --
so, I just get rid of them before emailing.

What WOULD be nice is a link to the article itself,
which currently is NOT put into the "References".

Also, but only via a PER P(rint) option, would be
to include the url just ABOVE the one for the document
getting P(rinted) -- like for a page of short blurbs
on news-articles, with links to the full article (which
full article is the one I'm emailing).

Perhaps, for the option, some "arg" (optional)
(and prefix) like "h3", which would mean
"also include the history-list THREE DEEP".

To make it fast and easy (in "advanced mode"),
the prefix "h" would REQUIRE a numerical arg,
eg h0 is equivalent to no prefix arg, 
h1 means show the url OF the doc being printed,
h2 means show both that and the one "above" it,

Once that "h<digits>" is parsed off (if it exists),
THEN those digits and the "h" is saved away,
and lynx reverts to the CURRENT way it works --
a newline (ie, nothing following the h3) means
"do the default: print to a file".

Of course for other than the default choice,
you'd have to have a delimiter of some kind
after the possible prefix-arg (the h3), most
usefully a space.

So, if someone wants P(rint) option 5, say,
WITH 3 history-url's listed too, they'd type in:
    h3 5<newline>

Forget that space, and you get the default (go to
file), with 35 items of history.

(Well, insert a space in "rm *.foo" -- 
computers can be dangerous, that's the way the
world is.)

ANY COMMENTS?  (No, I myself can't program this)


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