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lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.15

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.15
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 23:16:09 -0500 (EST)

this is most of my backlog - there are some smaller pieces which I'm still
looking at...

1999-11-17 (2.8.3dev.15)
* add popup in options menu to control alternate organizations of the
  visited links page (Ilya Zakharevich)
* reformatted src/makefile.dos and src/makefile.dsl to make them simpler to
  modify -TD
* add -DOK_OVERRIDE to DIRED_DEFS for djgpp -LP
* change the samples in "URL Schemes Supported in Lynx" so they would appear
  without //user:passw@ but //user@ with the explanation of yet another
  possibility added in words...  So user will not get a wrong impression if
  reading that document not so carefully (you know, samples are so easy
  remembered without details), -KW, LP
* ifdef bkgd() call in force_repaint that accommodated pre-ncurses 4.1 bugfix,
  from early 1997.  With current code, a ^L when a popup is displayed causes
  the screen colors to be reset (reported by KW) -TD
* undo recent no_color_video check for A_BOLD, A_UNDERLINE since this did not
  have the intended effect (reported by KW) -TD
* add note to lynx_url_support.html about lynxcgi -PW
* reorganize the code:  'search_target' now became global, so display_page()
  and highlight() could be called from any place easily.  This was a mainloop
  local variable (name changed from 'prev_target' to avoid conflict elsewhere),
  the value currently changed in mainloop(), handle_LYK_WHEREIS() and
  textsearch() -LP
* add user search in partial mode (while loading of the document is in
  progress).  Scrolling to the string in question is not working properly yet
  if you repeat 'n' next time.  More work required -LP
* improved makelynx.bat (<address@hidden>)
* fixed bug that corrupted memory (resulting in crashes) in situations when
  line ends with LY_SOFT_HYPHEN -VH
* correct comment in userdefs.h regarding renaming of
* fix bug that caused lss-enabled lynx to crash on growing textarea or inserting
  file into it -VH
* don't send Referer if we have to load a document again that we got
  from the history stack.  Lynx would send the URL of the current
  document (the one "later" in history) which could only accidentally
  be right -KW
* changed default for PERSISTENT_COOKIES from TRUE to FALSE, since
  persistent cookie support is now configured in by default -KW
* new functions (key_for_func_ext) to return a "best" key (or key pair) to
  invoke a given lynx  action, either in the Line Editor or in normal mode.
  Currently only used for a couple of statusline messages (those that had ^V
  hardcoded).  The statusline info while in a textarea now gives the right
  key(s) for invoking external editing, or omits the info if appropriate
  (no key bound, or no editor defined or allowed) -KW
* doc updates for TEXTAREA special functions -KW
  LYMainLoop.h to userdefs.h, the latter two renamed to TEXTAREA_AUTOGROW
  and TEXTAREA_AUTOEXTEDIT, added description -KW
* minor tweaks: -accept_all_cookies help string, some formatting changes,
  minor text additions and corrections -KW
* set $(PROG_EXT) variable in makefiles for cygwin -TD
* define __CYGWIN__ if needed, e.g., for betas that define __CYGWIN32__ -TD
* workaround cygwin b19.1 problem generating cfg_defs.h because it did not
  properly export $PATH -TD

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