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Re: lynx-dev return from textarea editing (was: textarea no wrap ...)

From: Larry W. Virden
Subject: Re: lynx-dev return from textarea editing (was: textarea no wrap ...)
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 22:05:18 -0500 (EST)

From: Klaus Weide <address@hidden>
>  - invoke external textarea editor
>  - do something
>  - save and return
>  - get prompt, say, 'y', have it wrapped
>  - invoke external textarea editor again
>  - don't change anything, quit
>Do you get the prompt a second time?

Yes, in the case where the form was already filled out, I did.
Note that however if I went to a form that was empty, went into the
editor, typed in text, saved and exited, I did not get prompted.
However, the text I was typing in was short...

> You should be able to make a more definite report than "it seems to
> me" - does it happen when the text fits or not?  Easy enough to try -
> make it one short word, or two short words, or nothing.

Yes I should be able to.  And if I had been sitting there in a page trying
it out as I was typing my reply, my answer would have been more definite.
Many times, as I read discussions going on the mailing list, I realize
(due to remarks that people make) that frustrating aspects of lynx are 
not always intentional.  That was the case in point here - I thought
it was SUPPOSED to be prompting me each time all of a sudden, and I was
getting rather grumpy at such a thing being added.  However, I figured
that somewhere in the past week or two I had missed some discussion (I
tend to delete all the Windows msgs since I have a limited amount of time
to read, compile, test, fiddle, edit, etc. relating to lynx and I don't
use or care to use Windows...).

> Note: try to make sure your editor doesn't leave lines with trailing
> spaces (or check whether they have any effect).

I'm using nvi - it leaves whatever characters are on the line alone and
doesn't add anything of it's own...

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