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From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: lynx-dev OK_OVERRIDE and DIRED_SUPPORT
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 02:44:03 +0300 (MSK)

Playing around with DJGPP binary I found out that dired operations
are not working properly. Say 'K'eymap doesn't show a 'd'elete
command in local directory; it is not working but I can remove files
if I 't'ag them and enter the dired menu via 'f'.

That was because OK_OVERRIDE was not added to dos makefiles! (patch attached)

  --disable-dired-override              (prevent defining OK_OVERRIDE)
        Lynx users can customize their keymaps by creating private
        versions of lynx.cfg and modifying them to override the default
        keymap.  Use this option to prevent DirEd keymap overriding.

In fact, both the information from INSTALLATION and the name
are really misleading: according to the code (LYMainLoop.c,
LYKeymap.c, etc.) that flag disable *any* dired-specific key actions
not one read from user lynx.cfg or whatsoever.

That should be fixed (wording or implementation).

DOS patch follows:

diff -u old/lymainlo.c ./lymainlo.c
--- old/lymainlo.c      Sun Nov  7 00:37:28 1999
+++ ./lymainlo.c        Sun Nov  7 01:56:56 1999
@@ -1854,9 +1854,6 @@
      * Don't do if not allowed or already viewing the menu.
-#ifdef __DJGPP__
-    lynx_edit_mode = TRUE;
-#endif /* __DJGPP__ */
     if (lynx_edit_mode && !no_dired_support &&
        strcmp(curdoc.address, LYDiredFileURL) &&
        strcmp((curdoc.title ? curdoc.title : ""),
diff -u old/makefile.dos ./makefile.dos
--- old/makefile.dos    Sun Nov  7 01:47:38 1999
+++ ./makefile.dos      Sun Nov  7 01:50:12 1999
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@

 # comment this line to suppress DIRED support

 CC = gcc
diff -u old/makefile.dsl ./makefile.dsl
--- old/makefile.dsl    Thu Oct 21 03:21:36 1999
+++ ./makefile.dsl      Sun Nov  7 01:54:10 1999
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@

 # comment this line to suppress DIRED support

 CC = gcc

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