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Re: lynx-dev tests/ demos / ? (was: more TRST support)

From: rjp
Subject: Re: lynx-dev tests/ demos / ? (was: more TRST support)
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 01:24:19 +0100

In message <address@hidden>, 
           Klaus Weide writes:
> If Rob can commit to running a recent public Lynx for demo purposes,
> and link to it prominently, and it doesn't crash or bog down
>, sure that would be great.  I could understand if
> he doesn't want to though. has been running Lynx2.8.2rel1 since June 23rd,
and an older version for about 6 months previous to that.

I can add a development version on a seperate port if people
want that too, plus just about anything people want.  So long as 
I don't open any holes onto the machine or crash it, I can do 
what I want.

It might be slow at the moment since the machine is a bit memory-hogged,
but that's going to fixed in the next week, all going well.
rob partington % address@hidden %

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