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lynx-dev -post_data and perl

From: Charles Sprickman
Subject: lynx-dev -post_data and perl
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 13:14:02 -0400 (EDT)


I'm having some trouble using lynx (2.8.2rel.1 w/ssl) in a perl script.  I
need to use lynx, as the site I'm querying will only accept ssl requests.

Basically, if I call lynx like so:

$result = `echo $postdata | lynx -post_data -source $url`

everything is fine...  But if I use the "OPEN" method, lynx seems to
ignore -post_data and it simply does a get of the URL.  An example of what
I'm trying to do is:

open (LYNX,"|lynx -post_data -source $url");
while (<LYNX>) {

print LYNX ("$postdata\n");
print LYNX ("\n");
print LYNX ("-----\n");
print LYNX ("\n");

A -trace showed me that in this case it is not doing a post...

Am I just showing that I'm really new to perl or is something odd
happening?  I feel it's ignoring the flag because if I run it on the
command line with -post_data and don't send it any data on STDIN, it just
sits there.  In this script, it returns very quickly.



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