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Re: lynx-dev Re: Observations on latest Win32 lynxes

From: vtailor
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: Observations on latest Win32 lynxes
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 07:17:23 -0500 (CDT)

>>On Thu, Oct 21, 1999 at 07:52:24AM -0500, address@hidden wrote:
>>>  >20-Oct-99 12:51 Victor Schneider wrote:
>>> >> These comments are about the following and later versions under Win32:
>>> >>>> Lynx Version 2.8.3dev.9 (13 Sep 1999)
>>> >> Compiled by Borland C++ (Sep 14 1999 12:21:53).
>>I guess this is one I compiled?  Was it from
>>> >BTW, it would be nice for this screen to add list of libraries with their
>>> >version numbers linked to lynx at compile time. As well as maikefile flags
>>> >(now belong to LYNXCOMPILE_OPTS:/ page for configure-based platforms).
>>Not sure how to do that; suggestions?
>>> >> 1.  The mailto:address@hidden  doesn't work.  If I recollect from my
>>> >> earlier work on porting lynx to win32, the lynx code for calling the
>>> >> sendmail program has to be modified to include the appropriate fields.
>>> >> Apparently, that hasn't been included in the latest win32 patches.
>>> >
>>> >for Japanese version (compiled with SH_EX)
>>> >you may need using `-noblat' command line flag for that.
>>> >Does we need changing this default value
>>> >for convinience of most lynx users?
>>> >At least this should be written in file
>>> >supplied with win32 binary distribution.
>>> >
>>> You're right.  I tried the `-noblat' option in the callynx.bat file that
>>> I use under Windows 98, and sendmail.exe worked.  It really is too bad
>>> that you need -noblat to make sendmail.exe work, since that is the
>>> assumption of running lynx.exe under Windows as though it were running
>>> under some form of Unix.  It would also be really nice if the distributed
>>> version would come stripped, and would stop crashing under Windows 98 and
>>> would not corrupt the screen for something simple and basic like calling
>>> a viewer program.
>>Any changes to the readme file are welcome.  I have a note in mine that
>>sendmail doesn't work.
>No, no, no.  sendmail.exe does indeed work.  It's just that the lynx code
>that calls sendmail.exe leaves out the `to:' field.  It is a minor patch.
>Or, you can use the sendsmtp.exe program included with slrn.exe, and that
>will be Unix sendmail compatible.
>>I think the #defines in LYMail need a lot of work; I have not been able
>>to give it much attention unfortunately.  The logical steps to allow
>>user-defined mailer in all environments are complex. I'd like to have
>>one lynx.cfg entry instead of the 2 we have now (system_mail and
>>system_mail_flags), and have lynx figure out based on the mailer
>>whether it had to add headers, etc.
>>I don't know what you mean by stripped.  The binary I built for dev.10
>>is about 1.1MB.  Seems pretty small for what it does.  I haven't seen
>>my version crash, either, although I only use it for fairly simple web
>>pages generally.
>Imagine that, 1.1 mb unstripped?  I recollect that my crtdll.dll versions
>using MingW32 and the gnu compiler were half that size.  You probably do
>not use viewers with your lynx program, because calling a viewer under
>Borland C++ winoldapp causes a crash after one or two calls.  I think
>the problem is with Borland, which unfortunately does not have a thread-
>safe library for console applications.
>You can make Borland C++ threadsafe by disabling the Borland console
>library in your compiler, generating an import library for crtdll.dll,
>and linking your Borland application to crtdll.dll.  Unless, of course,
>all this is too complicated for you.

BTW, there are two ways to compile lynx.exe using the MingW32 gcc compiler:

1) You can get a copy of the egcs gcc compiler that is compiled for W32
and uses crtdll.dll for its C and console library.  If you know the Unix
command-line usage of gcc, it's identical for MingW32 gcc. A simple
Dos batch file, with paths set to the include and lib directories, and
with one line for each file compiled, will function as a makefile.  Or,
you can use one of the exotic MingW32 make tools to compile lynx.exe.

2. You can use your cygwin egcs/gcc setup, and write a batch file to switch
the include and lib paths, as well as the compiler spec, from cygwin to
MingW32.  You then run the lynx configure script using bash.exe, and take
matters from there.

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