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lynx-dev LYMainLoop.c -- gcc signal 11, egcs-1.1.2

From: brian j pardy
Subject: lynx-dev LYMainLoop.c -- gcc signal 11, egcs-1.1.2
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 22:09:40 -0400

Is anyone else having any problems compiling LYMainLoop.c in dev.12?

gcc  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -DLOCALEDIR=\"/usr/local/share/locale\" -I. -I.. 
-Ichrtrans -I./chrtrans -I.. -I../src -I../WWW/Library/Implementation   -O2 
-DLINUX  -c ./LYMainLoop.c
gcc: Internal compiler error: program cpp got fatal signal 11
make[1]: *** [LYMainLoop.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/pk/lynx/2.8.3dev.12/src'
make: *** [all] Error 2
address@hidden ~/lynx/2.8.3dev.12]$ gcc -v
Reading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/i586-pc-linux-gnu/egcs-2.91.66/specs
gcc version egcs-2.91.66 19990314 (egcs-1.1.2 release)
address@hidden ~/lynx/2.8.3dev.12]$ uname -a
Linux odin 2.2.12 #3 Thu Sep 2 06:56:14 EDT 1999 i586 unknown

I know all the typical reasons for signal 11s from gcc, I definitely
haven't changed anything recently and don't have problems compiling
kernels or other large programs.  

I can include my cfg_defs.h or lynx_cfg.h if anyone is curious.  I
doubt this will be debuggable, but figured it might be a data point
worth something.

On the eighth day, God created FORTRAN.

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