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lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.11

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.11
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 10:31:31 -0400 (EDT)

1999-10-13 (2.8.3dev.11)
* restructured LYMainLoop.c, so the main switch statement calls functions
  rather than doing everything inline.  This greatly reduces memory required
  to compile that module, as well as making the compile 3-4 times faster -TD
* tweak CJK_EX code for incorrect x-transparent charset handler - it now
  depends on --with-charsets= configure flag -LP
* tweak comments in UCDomap.c to be consistent with KW changes as of
  2.8.3dev7 -LP
* define DECL_ERRNO for Borland compiler, so errno will be declared (report
  by JS) -TD
* add definition for DJGPP so truncate() function is used there, needed for
  LYOpenTempRewrite() function -LP
* correct character set for lines added in an external editor (Marek Kubita
  <address@hidden>, KW, KED)
* remove a couple more duplicate includes -LP
* remove a couple of duplicate includes (JB - John Bley <address@hidden>)
* fix some missing ifdef's for win32 versus DOS, as well as change calls to
  strcasecomp() to strncasecmp() -Hiroyuki
* undo spurious change from win32 integration in dev.5 to HTSprint0() which
  causes a memory leak (reported by John Bley, analysis KW) -TD
* prevent embedded "%s" in generated messages from causing a core dump in
  exit_immediately_with_error_message by using fputs rather than fprintf/printf
  (reported by KW) -TD
* Changes in UCAuto.c for --enable-font-switch:  Support some more code pages
  if available.  Check return code from setfont invocation, and use it to
  determine whether font and/or translation map loading was successful. 
  Warning, this is not based on any documented interface but on
  experimentation, so may not work for long or for anyone but me; it shouldn't
  be worse than before though.  Better logic for keeping track of state, some
  parts just didn't work right.  Workaround for wrong data in some distributed
  font files.  Minor memory leak removed -KW
* modify test/c1.html to use tabs for better formatting, added comments -KW
* modify HTFTP.c for better conformance with RFC959.  Among other things, one
  major purpose was ending the control conversation cleanly, at least in the
  normal case, to get rid of the "221 You could at least say goodbye.."
  responses from wu-ftpd servers and resulting RST traffic.  In response to the
  problem with, made one small change to when the data_soc is
  closed.  This was done early for some specially code server types, apparently
  those that has caused the same type of problem in the past; just changed it
  to close data_soc at that point independent of server type -KW
* set CDPATH to . in the's that use cd, in case user has set
  CDPATH without . at the beginning -TD

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