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lynx-dev radio buttons

From: Ambrose Li
Subject: lynx-dev radio buttons
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 21:48:41 -0400


by chance I found that there *are* sites using radio buttons
where "no radio buttons are selected" is in fact a valid input :(

I reread the HTML 4.01 standard a couple of times, and feel that
the standard is not clear about whether this is permitted. Right
now, lynx arbitrarily treats the first radio button as selected
in this case, while Netscape in fact will show all radio buttons
as off.

I wonder if lynx should also do the same as Netscape. If the
standard were (or in fact is) clear about what to do we should
of course follow the standard...

Ambrose Li                   <address@hidden>
                    "A good style should show no sign of effort;
what is written should seem a happy accident." -- Somerset Maugham.

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