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lynx-dev a new kind of radio button?

From: Rick Lewis
Subject: lynx-dev a new kind of radio button?
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 23:12:08 -0700 (MST)

Hi, All, 
The previous radio-button topic leads me to this, which I intended to 
bring up anyway. 
Lately, on two sites, I've encountered sets of radio buttons with no text
them. (I can't remember the other site, but): 
Go to
On links approximately 9 through 12, you'll encounter radio buttons. 
On their old site, there were artist, song, label, etc. 
(The default is set to artist.) 
On their new javascript horror, there's no text at all with 
the radio buttons. (Maybe they're gifs or something.) 
So, unless there's a trick I don't know, lynx users can't know what 
option they're checking. 
Believing in educaiton, I've tried all sorts of ways to write to the 
site admins about this and other site details, but to no avail. 
Is there an option (or possibility of a future one) to address these 
radio buttons, similar to verbose_images maybe? 
How are these buttons rrendered in a graphic environment? 

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