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Re: lynx-dev authentication problem

From: Esa Pikkarainen
Subject: Re: lynx-dev authentication problem
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 11:19:34 +0300

Thank you Al,

The problem was not in REALM (it seems that it could be jus
anything. The HTTP 1.0 specification
( says that: "The
realm value should be considered an opaque string which can only be
compared for equality with other realms on that server." And then it
uses as an exapmle: "WallyWorld".) 

The real problem seems to have been the URL that requires that CGI. 
(I found it out when I was testing with different kind of realm 
values and redirection methods.) It was 
"authent.wcgi?posti/lista.ihtml". When I changed the CGI so that I 
could leave this GET query string out then it started to work. Now 
Lynx knows that the directory of CGI is the realm where it should 
send authorisation info automaticly.

Now my service is Lynx compatible!

Esa Pikkarainen

Mr. Esa Pikkarainen      (Linnanmaa, Snelmania, room: KTK338)
Fac of Ed, Univ of Oulu     Tel:358-8-5533691   Fax: -5533744
P.O. Box 222, SF-90571 Oulu      E-mail: address@hidden
Finland       :-)      WWW:
Excuse me my bad English - I am not a native nor a daily user.

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