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lynx-dev authentication problem

From: Al Gilman
Subject: lynx-dev authentication problem
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 22:36:22 -0500 (EST)

>I'm new in this list. My problem now is that I am making certain
>services to our www-server which should be Lynx compatible.
>The exapmle service is a web based POP-mail reader. There is a CGI
>program that requires authentication from the browser (sends header:
>HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized). After that the service uses this
>information sent by browser to identify the user (uses them as POP
>userid and pwd).
>This works fine with Netsc and IE. They continue sending the
>authentication informatios as long as we stay in a same directory.
>But Lynx not. I sends this information to CGI-program, but when CGI
>program redirects it to an other document in the same directory it
>will not send it any more.
>The Lynx version is 2.7.2

Lynx version is no matter.

Please review your use of the REALM parameter in HTTP exchange.

Lynx is very picky in not sending authorization information into
what it views as a different realm as that for which the user
supplied it.  Your second file which is a peer of the CGI
probably appears as outside the default REALM to Lynx.  I believe
that there is a way for you in the 401 challenge to say I need
this authorization for realm="foo" and then lynx will answer 
with the authorization info for all HTTP accesses in that realm.
Or else you have to do the initial challenge from something which
has the root URL of the path subtree where you want to use the
authorization information.

Other browsers are not quite so careful about disclosing this

Sorry not to be able to quote you chapter and verse from the HTTP
spec, but this is the rock that you need to look under, I think.


>If you want more information I will explain. Please give some advice,
>I need thsi Lynx connection!
>thank you
>Esa Pikkarainen
>Mr. Esa Pikkarainen      (Linnanmaa, Snelmania, room: KTK338)
>Fac of Ed, Univ of Oulu     Tel:358-8-5533691   Fax: -5533744
>P.O. Box 222, SF-90571 Oulu      E-mail: address@hidden
>Finland       :-)      WWW: [9]
>Excuse me my bad English - I am not a native nor a daily user.
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