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Re: lynx-dev A question about downloading in lynx....

From: Serge MUNHOVEN
Subject: Re: lynx-dev A question about downloading in lynx....
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 00:49:56 +0100

On Thu, Nov 12, 1998 at 05:22:37PM -0500, address@hidden wrote:
 >> *copies* the file, which doubles the required diskquotas if the temporary 
 >> file also eats on them. It may be possible to circumvent this by defining 
 >> an 
 >> entry that rather *moves* the file to its final location (depending on how 
 >> the system's "move" works). 
 >  moves, or simply passes the downloaded tmp-file via a pipe as LP suggests.

Don't some weird systems move by copying & deleting ? This happens anyway when
you move between filesystems (though they probably won't share quota).
 >> Anyway, I wonder if many mailers allow you to send a stream of incoming 
 >> data 
 >> rather than a complete existing local file (any expert opinion ?). In 
 >> addition 
 >  mutt and elm do, as well as the various mail/mailx/etc.  I guess pine does.
 >  any others (unix of course)?

I knew about piping to mail/mailx/mutt (unix of course ...), but my question
was about, e.g.:

% cat | mutt -a -
-: unable to attach file.

Thought I could be too lazy to add another pipe, for uuencode'ing :-)

 >  you can uuencode to standard output. wouldn't take much of a script
 >  to pick up a file, prepend some descriptive text and pipe the whole
Sure, no problem for me either, but on the system I know.
 >  to the mailer w/o any temporary files.
I would not have bet, since I even managed to fill a filesystem using a named
pipe (though not the one the pipe was on; don't know enough about how those
beings are actually implemented). My advice in the present case, after mailing
myself an 9MB file for fun: use mail/mailx for that kind of joke ...

% uuencode USER_GDE.PS2 USER_GDE.PS2 | wc -c
% uuencode USER_GDE.PS2 USER_GDE.PS2 | mutt munhoven
[and keep an eye on /tmp; that's why 9MB; keep it buzy a moment]
% ls -l /tmp
-rw-------   1 munhoven system   12285521 Nov 12 23:56 mutt-cezanne-16633-0
-rw-------   1 munhoven system   12285787 Nov 12 23:56 mutt-cezanne-16633-1
-rw-------   1 munhoven system   12285521 Nov 12 23:56 mutt-cezanne-16633-2

Oops. With another file of similar size in /var/spool/mqueue, but that one
belongs to root :-)

In any case will the file be completely downloaded before being eventually
piped to mail. lynx is simply not the most appropriate tool to solve the
problem described. Perhaps rather:

% wget -O - | mailx address@hidden

would do it on my system (but on the original request system ?).

 - Serge

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