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Re: lynx-dev A question about downloading in lynx....

From: dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev A question about downloading in lynx....
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 17:22:37 -0500 (EST)

> But once you get to the DOWNLOADER menu, you have already transferred the 
> complete big file to your local host, as far as I understand. Lynx stores 
> them in some place (/var/tmp in my case) and "Save to disk" (and other 
> DOWNLOADERs) actually act on that temporary file. Note that "Save to disk" 
> *copies* the file, which doubles the required diskquotas if the temporary 
> file also eats on them. It may be possible to circumvent this by defining an 
> entry that rather *moves* the file to its final location (depending on how 
> the system's "move" works). 
moves, or simply passes the downloaded tmp-file via a pipe as LP suggests.
> Anyway, I wonder if many mailers allow you to send a stream of incoming data 
> rather than a complete existing local file (any expert opinion ?). In 
> addition 

mutt and elm do, as well as the various mail/mailx/etc.  I guess pine does.
any others (unix of course)?

> your binary data will have to be encoded for standard mail transport (8bit 
> cleaness is not guaranteed). Guess the mailer will again help itself with an 
> even larger temporary file ... 
> As to an actual DOWNLOADER entry to mail the file, it heavily depends on your 
> system, especially your mailer's capability and flags to encode and attach 
> files. 
you can uuencode to standard output. wouldn't take much of a script
to pick up a file, prepend some descriptive text and pipe the whole
to the mailer w/o any temporary files.
>  - Serge 
> PS: "Jeu de car." abbreviated for "Jeu de caractères" - "Character set". 
> (Yes, I know French better than C). 

I had 3 years of French in high school, but that was before Unix was designed.
So I'll leave translation to people who speak the language.

Thomas E. Dickey

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