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lynx-dev Re: Borland/DOS compilation problem

From: vtailor
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Borland/DOS compilation problem
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 07:21:51 -0500 (CDT)

>     * From: Nelson Henry Eric <address@hidden>
>     * Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 09:29:38 +0900 (JST)

>> > INSTALLATION says I need  zlib  &  pdcurses  when installing for win 32,
>                                                      ^^^^^^^^^^
>You need pdcurses to _compile_ the source code to build a working binary.  If
>you just want to "install" Lynx on your Windows95/NT PC as you would any
>other application, you want to download a pre-compiled binary.  Wayne,
>the person who ported Lynx to Win32, keeps one on his server, I believe:
>        read  "";
>        download the package "";
>        (or "";)
>In general, unless you are a c programmer and interested in Lynx development
>there is no reason or even advantage to build a Win32 binary.
Well, isn't that interesting?  I just proved you can port libslang to a
Borland-style Dos Window under Windows 16.  It is only a step away from
this to use Borland-style conio.h (setcolor, gotoxy, etc.) calls to
implement libslang under Dos.  And, of course, WIN32 libslang.lib is one
of the source-code options for the slang source.

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