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RE: lynx-dev Re: Borland/DOS compilation problem

From: Kristin McNally
Subject: RE: lynx-dev Re: Borland/DOS compilation problem
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 09:52:59 -0400

> 980515 Jenny Lin wrote to me after a previous note via TD: 
> > I want to install lynx 2.8 for win 95, but there are even more
> errors.
> > INSTALLATION says I need  zlib  &  pdcurses  when installing for win
> 32,
> > so I downloaded  & ,
> > but I have no idea how to use them?  Please tell me:
> > 1. I boot with DOS 7.0 and use Borland C 5.0
> >    to make it under the DOS prompt(make -f makefile.w32).
> >    Could Borland C 5.0 work or could I make under DOS prompt?
        [Kristin McNally]  

        Borland will work.  I personally did not use the zlib, but for
the pdcurses, you need to compile a pdcurses.lib file using the Borland
compiler.  Once you have the pdcurses.lib file, make a sub directory in
the Lynx code ( \curses) and place the lib file there.  Lynx needs it
here so that it can be found at run time.
> > 2. The src\chrtrans\makew32.bat need to use makeuctb.exe,
> >    but it doesn't exist. I use bcc.exe to compile makeuctb.c
> >    & doesn't succeed. Does the action of makew32.bat take effect a
> lot?
        [Kristin McNally]  
        For this problem, I also compiled my own makeuctb.exe.  Using
the Borland compiler, include the appropriate files from the entire
directory and then compile.  Once completed, you should run
makeuctb.exe, which will generate a multitude of .h files that Lynx also
needs.  Take a look at the .h files after they are created and make sure
you've got something in them.  At first, my .h files were "empty", which
is the reason I compiled my own makeuctb.exe.
> > 3. If zlib and pdcurses are nessary, how should I use them?
>   [Kristin McNally] 
        I think I already answered this one.
Kristin McNally
MOON Communications

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