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Re: lynx-dev <DIV>-tag formatting

From: Jacob Poon
Subject: Re: lynx-dev <DIV>-tag formatting
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 13:35:19 -0400

On Fri, 15 May 1998, Klaus Peter Wegge wrote:

> The following html example
> <DIV>
> xxx
> <p>
> yyy
> </DIV>
> is formatted by lynx in all versions as follows:
> xxx
>    yyy
> That means, the first text in a <div> ...</div> starts on the first
> culomn, and after an included <p> the text will start on the fourth
> column. Is this OK? This problem doesn't occur with netscape.
> Formatting of xxx and yyy always starts at the same position.
> If you agree, this is a bug, I'll try to fix it.

I had read the specs, it gives the following example:


   This is typically rendered as:



   Your user agent renders this as follows:



So it seems that your example is indeed a bug in Lynx because the starting
columns should be the same for both paragraphs. 

Anyway, another tag problem:

Shouldn't the alignment of <H1> is left by default instead of centre? 
HTML 4.0 only says 'Visual browsers usually render more important headings
in larger fonts than less important ones', but nothing about its default
alignment (unless using 'align=' attribute or style sheet).  So I assume
<H1> should use the previously defined alignment in Lynx, or document
default (left) if none exist.

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