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Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 04:00:28 -0400 (EDT)

980503 Heather Stern wrote: 
> I really feel this whole "cache it yourself" - "no the app should cache it"
> is igetting a bit overboard.  
yup & can we please keep the temperature down ... ?
some of us like occasionally to practise our put-down technique:
feel free to join in & stay really cool ...

i think i raised this originally & it keeps getting diverted off course.
what i want -- & i believe a lot of other people too -- is to be able
to hit  \  & not lose the existing rendered file: THAT'S ALL!
people don't use  \  often, but when they do current behaviour is annoying.
what is involved is getting Lynx to assign a different name to each version
-- ie some character needs to be added to one of them,
but not  \  itself, which would create problems with DOS -- ,
so that BOTH versions can reside in the normal cache of visited links
(i have  <= 20  cached at any one time: i read a lot of newspaper articles).

it looks simple on the face of it, but maybe there are technical problems
due to the way Lynx handles things internally.
do any of our C experts care to comment?

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