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Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want (was: 2 weeks)

From: Heather Stern
Subject: Re: lynx-dev \ as many times as I want (was: 2 weeks)
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 01:02:10 -0700 (PDT)

I really feel this whole "cache it yourself" - "no the app should cache it"
is igetting a bit overboard.  

David> You are then competing with Microsoft, who produce low capability but
David> easy for first time user applications.  

   We're not on installs, we're talking about caches, but thanks anyway.
   I don't agree that only GUI users want easy installs -- .ZIP "dump it
   in a dir and run", .rpm -i, and Solaris' package format imply you're
   dead wrong.  (We can move the install stuff into another thread if
   you like.)

Ease of use, install, and annoyances during use are three seperate issues;
this caching stuff belongs in #3.  And keep MS out of this -- it's *lynx*
I want to see fixed.  

David> If you want plug and play, create a Linux system with a PPP and
David> ethernet configurer and include Lynx and a cache in it.  It should

   How *dare* you tell people they have to install *your* favorite OS to use 
   lynx?  That's sick!

I've got two win 3.x boxes, a win95 box, and a Mac which you are not gonna get
me to change out for you.  It's important to my tests that they remain on
their current OS.  For my own convenience, if I can run lynx on them, I 
will... as soon as I'm done beating them into submission.  (The Mac porbably 
won't be much work, I just need an adapter so I can give it a PC monitor.)  
I don't think you're gonna get VMS admins to change their tune anytime soon
either.  Your answer isn't a reasonable solution for lynx users as a whole.

You're just hoping if you can "fix me" that I'll go away.  I wasn't broken,
I worked around it, and figured the dev crew would get around to improving 
it eventually.  I wasn't even complaining, until someone else started the 
thread.  Well, it's been a long time since 2-4-2, so "eventually" has come 
and gone.

David> It wouldn't hit the open net with a local cache.

   Don't tell me how to set up my LAN either.  It's my security policy,
   not yours.

At this point, I'm in for the defense of OS' without these wunnerful external 
thingies.  Maybe OS' with admins who (!) care about security, maybe OS' that 
haven't even been *written* yet.

Lynx is a web browser... as part of what *I* consider minimum function (your
mileage may vary) it should be able to browse with *only* a TCP/IP connection
around.  (OK, Maybe it'd be nice to have DNS :)

Right now it does, but it beats the holy *%! out of network bandwidth.  I'd 
rather that lynx not abuse either local or internet bandwidth this way by 
default.  I'm only asking for ONE page, so I can hit \ as many times as I 
darn well feel like, and it won't hit the net again until I leave the page.

Wanna add a feature to make me not desire to hit \ ?   How about a "partial
rendered" mode, which shows source, but hotpoints and IMGs are actually hot, 
so I can surf.  It'd be different... unique to my experience of lots of 
browsers...  but I wouldn't have to flip back-n-forth as much.

David> Alternatively, you can create a bundle of Lynx and cache.  Unfortunately,
David> this won't plug and play for most people. Please, though, don't just keep
David> bloating Lynx.

   You want to package a seperate "distribution" of lynx+cache for every OS 
   just so you don't have to grow the lynx source tree?  Masochist.

Make it a compiletime option if you want.  I'd be happy with that.  I feel 
the cost (in source, which I can delete later) would be worth the performance 
improvement on less-than-perfect systems, and many admins would be grateful
to get their ever-decreasing bandwidth back.

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