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Re: lynx-dev problem at DejaNews

From: *selah*
Subject: Re: lynx-dev problem at DejaNews
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 23:46:57 -0400 (edt)

On Sat, 2 May 1998, Al Gilman wrote:

> to follow up on what *selah* said:
> > I've been having a problem with the dejanews site. When I try
> > to connect to one of their newsgroups lynx quits and I get a
> > message about there being a possible bug.
> It would help us reproduce the failure if you can give us the URL
> of the page you were at and exactly what you did that got it to
> fail.
> > This didn't used to happen and only started happening in the
> > last few days.
> This part is suspicious, but it shouldn't just up and die on you.
> You might want to try to learn what changes were made to your
> host setup between when it worked and when it didn't.
> If you can trace the section of your Lynx session and send the
> portion of the trace around where it fails that would be
> extremely helpful.
> Al

I was able to turn the trace on, but I wasn't able to find the file that
it wrote the trace to and I'm not sure how to redirect the trace into a

These are the messages I got. The URL is

The page is the "power search" site and the dump happened when I tried to
do the search (by clicking on the "find" button). This also happened at a
different deja site when I was trying to load a newsgroup.

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