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[Ltib] ltib or not ltib?

From: address@hidden
Subject: [Ltib] ltib or not ltib?
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 10:57:16 +0100

Hi all,
I have been using ltib for a while as development framework
for a PowerPC embedded project. I got used to its rules and
flexibility at the same time. I like it because it allow me
to experiment with configuration and source patching while
keeping track of stable developments throught CVS. It also
easily provide me with standalone releases as BSPs.

Now, I'm planning to start a new, sligthly less embedded
project, and I'm concerning if ltib could efficiently
support me again or if I should follow a different path. The
point is that the new target would be much more similar to a
PC (Intel X86 architecture on a standard mini-ITX board).
The final system should also include many mainstream
software packages like some X window server, libraries for
graphic toolkit, support for high-end communication devices
like usb ethernet and bluetooth and printers. On the other
hand, it will have some typical embedded features: it should
be installed on a flash device but probably run from a
ramdisk. I think this specs would be more easily managed by
ltib deployment capabilities than by a custom cutout of a
standard PC distro.

Does ltib already includes any X86 based configuration set?
Is anybody out there using ltib on a somewhat similar

I experienced a while adding and replacing new packages in
ltib but I have no idea how would be adding a PC distro's
typical monster like or whatever, that's why I'am
asking to the list.

I'll be pleased to share any progress on this with the list
if I choose to go with ltib



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