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Re: [Ltib] Re: Changing ltib base dir

From: Kumar Gala
Subject: Re: [Ltib] Re: Changing ltib base dir
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 11:37:30 -0600

/opt/ltib and /opt/pkgs don't conform to the FHS. I can understand
the desire to
remove the freescale reference, but I think unless you're going to
move all the
files currently under /opt/freescale to a more standardized layout,
you really
need an extra directory layer to encapsulate them. Simply renaming
/opt/freescale to /opt/ltib might be sufficient (though /opt/ltib/
ltib is ugly).
But presuming to "own" a directory as generic as /opt/pkgs is unwise.

Fair enough, we could solve the problem by fixing it so pkgs lived
under ltib so we'd have:


- k

I could live with that.  I'd just have to re-train myself when I do my
'rm -rf' to get rid of the install not to include pkgs.

I'll look into the changes for this and see if I can get them work out.

- k

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