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Spell checking a Lout document?

From: Daren Scot Wilson
Subject: Spell checking a Lout document?
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 02:30:39 -0700
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I have just finished writing my great 15,000 page magnum opus, full of genius math, tables, and so on, entirely in Lout. Hundreds of *.lt files @Included in a main Lout file. Now, before I vanity publish it and try to sell a copy to Mom, I wonder if I've made any silly little typos.

What are practical ways to spell-check these .lt files? Obviously an ordinary everyday spell checker will barf on all the @Something Lout keywords and maybe trip over the punctuation marks, although most of this source text is just regular text which could go through a spell checker fine.

Perhaps there's a filter that can extract all the straight text, preening out simple markups such as @I, and bypassing all the structural stuff and non-text like sections, math, tables etc., making a simple text file one can check? OTOH, maybe there's a way to spell check the final .ps or .pdf file? (Besides paying some unfortunate Human to proofread it.)

I'm on Linux so naturally I prefer solutions that would work on that platform, or multiplatform.

Daren Scot Wilson
Escondido California

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