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Re: Spell checking a Lout document?

From: Daren Scot Wilson
Subject: Re: Spell checking a Lout document?
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 08:33:13 -0700
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Ah, the -p option. Read about that long ago and somehow haven't had a reason to use it the last few years. Just tried it and already within a minute found one typo! If there were a simple way to omit all math and diagram content, this may be the way to go.

That pdf2text appears to be Microsoft-only :(

On 04/17/2012 06:55 AM, Nicholas Clark wrote:
I'm not sure what it does with figures, but Lout has a plain text
output mode which can be enabled by running lout with the -p flag.
pdf2text could also be used to convert your final PDF output instead.
Once in text format, you could spell-check it with aspell, or any of a
bunch of spell-checkers.

Daren Scot Wilson
Escondido California

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