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Re: Error in @Haskell with operator font

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: Error in @Haskell with operator font
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 08:06:34 +1100

The problem is that to implement operators Lout is switching to
the PostScript symbol font, and the $ character (code 044) is the
existential symbol in the Symbol font.

At this moment I can't remember what my general strategy was for
implementing the symbol prg2lout style.  I'll have to go over
everything and remind myself, after which I'll know what to do.

I promised someone else that I would put out a new release in the
next couple of weeks.  I'll fix it then.  Meanwhile it might be
worth checking ouyt the behaviour on the characters


which are all handled in the same way for Haskell by prg2lout.
Looks like the results might be pretty disastrous.


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