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Version 3.36 of Lout now available

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Version 3.36 of Lout now available
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 09:39:14 +1100

Version 3.36 of the Lout document formatting system is now available,
from the usual place:

And as usual a separate copy of the Version 3.36 User's Guide is
available from


The major thing this release is Ludovic Courtes's @Math symbol, a
replacement for @Eq.  I am hoping that on the release after this
I will be able to declare @Eq obsolete, replaced by @Math but still
available for backward compatibility (in the same way that @Tbl
replaced @Tab and @Diag replaced @Fig).  Please start using @Math
where you can, and send any comments to the mailing list.  There is
a section at the end of the Equations chapter of the Version 3.36
User's Guide, giving the (very minor) differences from @Eq.

Gabor Greif discovered that @Haskell was printing a "there exists"
symbol where a dollar sign was wanted.  I tracked this down to the
default value of symboloperators being "Symbol Base" when it should
have been "Slope", and fixed it.  However this may break other things.
Those who are interested in Haskell need to take over now.

I promised Dave Baldwin that I would look into a problem with table
formatting.  I did spend an hour on it but could see no way to do
anything positive (Lout's table code is very messy), so I've left it.

Courtes's @BypassNumber for numbered displays clobbered all subsequent
display numbers so I revised his implementation to fix that.

Mark Summerfield wanted hyphenation after "/" but that was too hard
so I modified the behaviour of user-entered &- after "/" instead.

I had some mail from Robert Riebisch (17 June 2007) about DOS newlines
that I did not act on this time because I did not understand it.  If
someone wants to pursue it, I'm happy to look at a patch.

Jeff Kingston

Changes and new features introduced in Version 3.36 [July 2007]

   Bug fixes:
      "lout -t" really does avoid textures completely now (Ludovic Courtes)
      small patch (@PC becomes @PS) to prg2lout.c (Gabor Greif)
      patch to haskellf (Gabor Greif)
      changed haskellf symboloperators from "Symbol Base" to "Slope" (Kingston)
   Lout now released under Version 3 of the GNU General Public License
   Improved headings of numberless chapters/sections (Ludovic Courtes)
   @BypassNumber option for numbered displays (Courtes/Kingston)
   &- after "/" now hyphenates without inserting a hyphen, like &- after -
   @Math symbol introduced, will probably obsolete @Eq next time

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