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Re: Double quotes

From: Ludovic Court?s
Subject: Re: Double quotes
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 09:51:16 +0200
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(resending previous email)

> Are you looking for `` and '' (each consists of a single character 
> typed twice)?  In a simple test, they gave the same results as 
> @Char quotedblleft and @Char quotedblright.  (See the section on 
> Characters in Chapter One of the users guide.)
> As you noted, "\"" is another character.

All right. Actually I had just written the following set of macros:

macro "<<" { @Char guillemotleft  }
macro ">>" { @Char guillemotright }
macro "``" { @Char quotedblleft   }
macro "''" { @Char quotedblright  }
macro "->" { @Sym  arrowright     }
macro "<-" { @Sym  arrowleft      }
macro "^"  { @Sup                 }

... but from what you're saying, some of them might already exist (I hadn't
seen it in the user's manual actually).


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