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Re: Double quotes

From: Albert Kinderman
Subject: Re: Double quotes
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 09:14:25 -0700
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Are you looking for `` and '' (each consists of a single character typed twice)? In a simple test, they gave the same results as @Char quotedblleft and @Char quotedblright. (See the section on Characters in Chapter One of the users guide.)

As you noted, "\"" is another character.


Ludovic Courtès wrote:


Is there a way we can make Lout automatically choose the right double quotes
each time a "\"" occurs? In other words, how can we make Lout choose
alternatively @Char quotedblleft and @Char quotedblright instead of the
regular `straight' double-quotes?


Albert Kinderman  California State University, Northridge
    Department of Systems and Operations Management

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