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DropTagItem and Line Breaking

From: slomium
Subject: DropTagItem and Line Breaking
Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 19:38:41 +0000


In lout 2.35, I've several @DropTagItem lists.  
Occasionally, when one of these lists falls on a 
pagebreak, the label will be on one page, and the 
dropped text will be on the next page.  Is there a way 
to keep the label and dropped text together?

In cases of a multi-paragraph section of dropped text, I 
would think it good to keep the label and first 
paragraph of dropped text together.

I don't think @OneRow is the answer to this problem, as 
it is unclear to me where one would place @OneRow.

Below is a small example of the style list I am talking 
about.  By inserting this into a lout document and 
repeating the @DTI line several times, one should be 
able to see the effect that I describe above.

@DTI{label}{Dropped text under the label.}


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