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Newbie question: ListOuterGaps, TableGaps, etc

From: Kevin Cole
Subject: Newbie question: ListOuterGaps, TableGaps, etc
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 15:18:47 -0400 (EDT)


I'm still working my way through the Lout Users Guide, so forgive me if
I've missed something that's already in the book.

Is there any simple way to get a printout of all the default values for
the setup a document?  (I know what the Lout User Guide says some of
them SHOULD be, but I want to verify some of that, in case something
I've done elsewhere is affecting a default as a side-effect.)

Among other things, I'm trying to eliminate a lot of the vertical space
between various objects, and also decrease the horizontal space between
a bullet and it's corresponding item.

More detail/specifics:
  This is my first attempt at using Lout, and I've started out with an
  ambitious project (for me anyway).  I'm generating a college directory
  from a database, using Python, PostgreSQL and Lout.  This is the 11th
  edition of the book, and we like the layout from previous years, so
  I'm not at liberty to screw around with it much.  I've only been
   working with Lout for about a week, but I've got MOST of what I want
  behaving nicely.

  I want to set the vertical distance between everthing to be the same
  as the distance between lines within a normal paragraph.  (Almost.
  I'd like to leave a blank line between Tagged Lists, and one table has
  rules, so there needs to be extra space for the rules.)

  The layout of each page (minus the introductory pages) can be seen at:


  An even rougher idea is below between the underscore lines:

     C O L L E G E   N A M E   (big letters, spanning two columns)
     Location, etc             (smaller letters spanning two columns)

     DROP TAG ITEM                DROP TAG ITEM
       item                         table without borders
       item                         item:        301
       item                         item:          2
       item                         item:         10
       item                       DROP TAG ITEM
                                     table with borders
     DROP TAG ITEM                   +--------+-------------+
       bullet item                   | Item:  | bullet item |
       bullet item                   |        | bullet item |
       bullet item                   |        | bullet item |
       bullet item                   | Item:  | item        |
       bullet item                   | Item:  | item        |

Thanks for any tips.

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