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@IncludeGraphic eps file problem

From: Dan Wamba
Subject: @IncludeGraphic eps file problem
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 15:45:42 +0400 (MSD)


I am writing my first (larger) Lout document and I
have tried to include an eps graphic file into it.
Lout compiled the file tacitly, but GhostView

Unrecoverable error: undefined in b4_Inc_state

and stopped interpreting the ps file before the page
with the eps figure included. I have tried to replace
my eps file with su_crest from the doc directory and
it worked ok - the crest appeared.

I have no idea what can be wrong with my eps file,
because GV displays it well - if opened as stand alone
eps. The eps file is in Unix format.

I would appreciate any ideas - what should I try? Are
there people having similar problems?

Thank You

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