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Re: Index problems

From: Valeriy E. Ushakov
Subject: Re: Index problems
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 09:40:41 +0400
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On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 22:15:12 +0400, address@hidden wrote:

> In the setup-file I wrote:
> @IndexBreak { oragged 1.0fx }
> @IndexABreak { oragged 1.0fx }
> Now, it worked for @Index but not for @IndexA,
> the IndexA-Break was still like the Initial break (1.4fx).

Ah, that seems to be a bug in dsf.

    def @IndexSection into { @IndexPlace&&following }
        right etc
        // @IndexBreak @Break @IndexList
        // @IndexBreak @Break @BypassIndexList
        // @ClearHeaderComponent
        // etc


    def @IndexASection into { @IndexAPlace&&following }
        right etc
        // @IndexAList // etc
        // @BypassIndexAList // etc

i.e. no @Break statement for the IndexAList.  (Jeff?)

> @Chapter
>   @Title {/3c clines @Break {part1 K1 @Index {part1}  K1 @IndexA {part1} }}

It's not a very good idea to put @Index into @Title, since @Title gets
sent into various places (like toc).  While I understand from your
message that you don't use toc, I'd rather be conservative here if for
the sake of good habits only.

> The problem, which arouse, was, that the Heading 'Index' stood on
> the 3.page of IndexA above the last records of IndexA (remember,
> that IndexA comes before Index) - and that the records of 'Index'
> had no headline.  I tried again and again to get the headline
> 'Index' to the next (4) page, where it should be, but I could not
> find a solution.

What value for @ChapterStartPages do you use?

SY, Uwe
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