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Index problems

From: webmaster
Subject: Index problems
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 22:15:12 +0400 (MSD)

I've formatted a book with poems with Lout.
It consists of two chapters for the poems.
Because I wanted an alphabetical content and 
a content according to pagenumbers of the titles of the
poems, I did the following:
I made two Indices (Index and IndexA )
and two Subindices for the alphabetical 
and page order.


I had an rather big initial break of 1.4fx:
@InitialBreak { lines 1.4fx hyphen }
The first problem arouse when I wanted the
breaks for the indices to be only 1.0fx.

In the setup-file I wrote:
@IndexBreak { oragged 1.0fx }
@IndexABreak { oragged 1.0fx }
Now, it worked for @Index but not for @IndexA,
the IndexA-Break was still like the Initial break (1.4fx).

To help me out, I switched the Initial Break to 1.0fx
and made extra breaks for all the poems to 1.4fx -
that worked (but still left me with an small headache)


The book has 2 chapters, for which I made index
K1 and K2:

  @Title {/3c clines @Break {part1 K1 @Index {part1}  K1 @IndexA 
{part1}   }}
  @Tag {part1}
  @RunningTitle { part1 }
1.4fx  @Break{
...poems ...
@End @Chapter
  @Title {/3c clines @Break {part2 K2 @Index {part2}  K2 @IndexA 
{part2}   }}
  @Tag {part2}
  @RunningTitle { part2 }
1.4fx  @Break{
... poems ...
@End @Chapter

Now for each Title of the poems I wrote something like this
(this is for a poem called 'Ruhe' in the 1.chapter):

@LD @Heading{Ruhe K1.Ruhe @SubIndex{ Ruhe } K1.1000 
@SubIndexA{ Ruhe }}

(The numbers (to begin with 1000) are progressive)
The result workd out to 3 pages for each Index.

The problem, which arouse, was, that the Heading 'Index'
stood on the 3.page of IndexA above the last records of IndexA
(remember, that IndexA comes before Index) - and that the records
of 'Index' had no headline.
I tried again and again to get the headline 'Index' to the next (4) 
page, where it 
should be, but I could not find a solution.
Strange was that when I shortened the content - so that the indices 
worked out
to 2 page each, the problem was gone.
A minor problem is, that for the headline 'IndexA' I got a different
formation than for 'Index' - not looking good - but this may
be a 'feature'.
What did I do wrong?
You may be wondering why I took Lout for setting Lyrics,
but thats a long story which started from pagemaker ...Xpress ... 
Ventura ... Tex to Lout
and on the other hand - why not try it out?
I shrink (at the moment) from going deeper into the makro-files, 
because I know the program not good enough.

Any help or hint is very much appreciated!

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