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Thanks, and more questions

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Thanks, and more questions
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 06:08:41 +0400 (MSD)

> 1. The idea of Lout placing the row mark at the middle of lowercase
> letters, instead of the baseline, strikes me as something rather weird.

Until you try to typeset equations, when the reason becomes much clearer.
Also, I'm comfortable with the idea of Lout producing weird stuff when
two words of different font size are aligned - I don't think this looks
any good even if the base lines are alighed.  If you do want it you can
get it using the @VShift symbol, although you have to fiddle around to
get the right amount of shift.

> 2. I need outdented paragraphs, but to my great surprise I could not
> find any way to change the value of the outdent.

Horrible, I agree.  Just one more example of why having a builtin
paragraph breaker was such a bad idea.

> 3. Finally: is there a way to implement hanging punctiation in Lout?

At last, something that can be done.  You just need to produce an
object of apparently zero width which in fact prints the punctuation
character just to its left.  I haven't done it but something like

    def @Hang right x { @OneCol { |0io 1w @HShift x } }

used like this:

    do dah do dah
    @QD {
    address@hidden `}doo dah doo dah'

should work.  I haven't tested it but some such thing will work.


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