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Thanks, and more questions

From: Dmitry Kirsanov
Subject: Thanks, and more questions
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 21:25:50 -0400

Thanks Uwe for your answers. I must admit that my thinking is rather
algorithmic (heavily influenced by TeX), so the declarative alternatives
offered by Lout are sometimes difficult for me to find.

I still disagree with you on the issue of possible XML & Lout
interaction. I hope to be able to further my point later when I have

Now some more questions.

1. The idea of Lout placing the row mark at the middle of lowercase
letters, instead of the baseline, strikes me as something rather weird.
Suppose I use a different font size, or even the same size but a
different font with different lowercase height, for one word within a
paragraph. How can I align the baseline of that foreign word with the
baselines of the body text? I can't live with something like the Expert
Guide's illustration on page 40 (three "hello" with wildly misaligned
baselines). Am I missing something here? Probably something like &&
would help, but first, there's no such concatenation symbol in Lout, and
second, even if it existed it would likely align tops of symbols like ||
does which is not the same as aligning baselines. Much more logical I
think would be to always place row marks at the font's baseline.

2. I need outdented paragraphs, but to my great surprise I could not
any way to change the value of the outdent. It seems to be fixed at
"2.0f @Wide {} &0i". The expert guide, in the section "Horizontal
galleys," proposes a lengthy hack for re-implementing the paragraph
breaking mechanism using horizontal galleys, which would thus allow
setting arbitrary outdent. But this means no hyphenation, which is
unaccaptable to me. Is there a way to get BOTH arbitrary outdent value
and hyphenation? 

3. Finally: is there a way to implement hanging punctiation in Lout? 

Dmitry Kirsanov                               http://www.kirsanov.com

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