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and a question

From: Dmitry Kirsanov
Subject: and a question
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 01:11:54 +0400 (MSD)

Suppose I need to code the following style rule:

"A figure caption is centered if it would fit on one line, otherwise it
   set ragged right."

How can I do this in Lout?

A slightly more complex problem. I have a heading style which I want to
be set in the biggest font size possible provided it does not run into
the margin. As different headings across the document have different
length, obviously this will require different font sizes. What I want to
do is to program a loop which would test the physical length of the
heading set in a particular font size, then increment the font size if
we still don't run into the margin, and test again. After the loop
terminates I want to output only the last tested object (i.e. the
heading set in the largest possible font) into the document, discarding
all previous test objects.

Can Lout tackle this? 

Dmitry Kirsanov                               http://www.kirsanov.com

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