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idea for developers

From: Dmitry Kirsanov
Subject: idea for developers
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 11:31:53 +0400 (MSD)

Is there a tool to convert between Lout code and some sort of its XML

Imagine an XML-based format (let's call it LoutML) is developed so that
strictly one-to-one conversion between Lout and LoutML is trivial using
e.g. some scripting language. This at once makes it possible to use Lout
as a print formatter for any XML documents, using XSLT for XML to LoutML
transformations, then the LoutML to Lout converter and finally Lout for

This will promote Lout to a huge XML user community and fulfil a very
real, I would even say burning demand for a quality formatter for XML
documents. Currently, various XSL FO processors start being used for
this task, but all of them are incomplete and, more importantly, the XSL
FO standard itself lacks many features necessary for quality

Ideally, I would love to see the next version of Lout support the
XML-based input format directly. I don't think it's a too difficult
thing to program given the availability of open source XML parsers. In
the world which is obviously being taken over by XML, it is unlikely
these days to find a lot of people willing to learn another formatting
language with unfamiliar syntax. By providing an XML path into Lout, you
may be able to infuse some fresh blood into your program.

Dmitry Kirsanov                               http://www.kirsanov.com

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