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Re: Problems with Polish letters

From: Ian Carr-de Avelon
Subject: Re: Problems with Polish letters
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 11:32:01 +0200

I will admit my ignorance on everything to do with fonts. I may as
well, it will no doubt become obvious.
My Ghostscript is 5.10 as that comes with Slackware 7.0

"Valeriy E. Ushakov" <address@hidden> wrote:
>On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 12:23:57 +0200, Ian Carr-de Avelon wrote:
>> @Char dropped (character "nacute" unknown in font Times Base)
>Use TimesCE Base et al.  Look at data/latin2.ld - it defines latin2
>fonts with CE suffix.
a) where is latin2.ld? it didn't come with lout.latin2.2.0 or 
lout 3.17 (slected as it is "The official stable version" on

>But be warned that unless you have fonts with real latin2 glyphs you
>will need to tweak font/*+ files to add composites for polish letters.
>It seems that those extra metrics were sumbitted by a Czech person, so
>they cover only portions of latin2 necessary for Czech.
Can you explain what these fonts do, please? Are they to put the letters
in the .ps file, or are they just to establish the size of each letter
for layout, and the letters seen are known to the printer or gs? If they
are put into the .ps file, I don't see why Ghostscript has to have these
fonts as well. 

>E.g. for font/Ti-Rm+ add to extra char metrics and build comosites
>    C -1 ; WX 389 ; N sacute ; B 51 -10 348 678 ;
>    CC sacute 2 ; PCC s 0 0 ; PCC acute 56 0 ;
>and so on for other letters.
This means nothing to me.

>E.g. I prefer to use Adobe's native fonts with GS
>since: 1) they are hinted better; 2) I know what to expect from my
>The 2) is particularly important.  Consider poor fellow who can view
>his 200+ pages thesis ok - but when he sends the job to the printer he
>suddenly gets his thesis with all those characters dropped.
I suppose this depends how the printer is setup. For me, the most 
important thing is that the files print properly on PS printers and
show in Acrobat reader. Obviously if I can display in X with gs, that
is handy too.
If your advice is to use "Adobe's native fonts", is there somewhere where
I can download them from?

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