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Re: centring of figures

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Re: centring of figures
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 13:37:23 +1100

On Fri Aug 18 Mark Christiaens wrote:

> Another related question.  This report has 2 columns.  I include figures
> with placement tag FullPage.  The figures are for some reason left
> justified although the @FigureFormat is { @CC @Body }.

I don't have access to the precise example Mark was trying to format, but
a likely explanation is that since the figure was FullPage, there was
nothing on the page except the figure itself and a caption.  If neither
of these extend the full width of the page, I've discovered that @CC
centres wrt whatever width is consumed, not wrt the full page width.
I've inserted the following explanation of this problem into the User's

Although @CC will always centre the figure or table, occasionally
it underestimates the amount of space available to centre in, and hence
the figure or table appears only partly centred, or even left
justified.  This occurs when nothing on the page extends the full
width of the page.  If this problem occurs, use

    @Format { @HExpand @CC @Body }

The @HExpand symbol expands the space available to the following
object to the maximum possible amount, so that the centring is with respect
to the full available width as desired.


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