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preparing the next version of Lout

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: preparing the next version of Lout
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 15:48:56 +1000

I'm currently hard at work preparing the next version of Lout.
If you let me know of any problems very soon, I'll be able to
look at them for this coming release.  But please don't send
me stuff you sent before; I keep all the email I get and I
will be going through it all carefully.

Apart from bug fixes, the next release will contain an
enhanced @Diag symbol which can produce syntax diagrams,
as used by computer scientists to define the syntax of
programming languages.  If you are interested in this
you might like to take a sneak preview of the description
of it that will shortly be added to the User's Guide:


Comments welcome, if sent soon.

Jeff Kingston

ps My version of Ghostview prints tiny dots here and there
in the syntax diagrams.  These must be the result of a bug
in Ghostview; there is nothing that calls for them in my
code, and they don't appear when I print hard copy.

pps The sneak preview document contains a few dangling
references.  Please don't tell me about those.

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