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Re: Cross out

From: Valeriy E. Ushakov
Subject: Re: Cross out
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 14:39:45 +0300

On Mon, Jan 17, 2000 at 10:41:27AM +0100, Matthias Teege wrote:

> is there any way in lout to "cross out" (durchstreichen) a word?

>From the German term I guess that you mean strike-out style (like
STRIKE element in HTML), right?

    extend @BasicSetup # to reach @ColourCommand
    def @StrikeOut
      named @Colour  # for Englishmen
            @Color   # for Americans
            @        # a shorhand
                { red }  # default color of the line
      right word
      @BackEnd @Case {
        PostScript @Yield {
          { @ColourCommand @Colour 0 ymark moveto xsize ymark lineto stroke }
          @Graphic word
        PDF @Yield {
          { @ColourCommand @Colour 0 __ymark m __xsize __ymark l s }
          @Graphic word
        else @Yield {


    @StrikeOut { word }  and @StrikeOut @{blue} { another }.


    Draws a strike-out at object's horizontal mark.

Of course, the @OneRow effect of @Graphic applies, so this definition
is not suitable for any sizeable amount of text.  Adding line
parameter for thickness is left as an exercise for the reader.


SY, Uwe
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http://www.ptc.spbu.ru/~uwe/            |       Ist zu Grunde gehen

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