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Column separation and Doc headers

From: Pavel Pinkas
Subject: Column separation and Doc headers
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 20:52:51 +0300 (MSK)
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Good morning,

I found the Lout mentioned on the GNU site and I decided to give it a
consideration as the alternative to TeX/LaTeX I'm using now. So far it
very promising and is a real pleasure to work with. However, I have a
questions (I did not see them answered here or in the documentation):

1. Supposing I have two column page. Is it possible to have pictures 
   in each column (not spanning over the whole page)?

2. Is there any easy way how to put a line separating these two 
   columns (ie. something like:

   column1 text  | column2 text 
   dkfkf ddkf d  | text text te
   kdkd kdkd kl  | xt text text

3. Is it possible to change the running headers style
   in the middle of the document? Same question 
   for @PageBackground.

4. The L shaped paragraphs would be really nice.
   That would enable me to leave the LaTeX forever. 
   But figures in each column (not a page fullwidth)
   will work very well too.

5. Is it correct that @Document style puts running headers
   on the very first page?

Thank you for your help and this great software.

Pavel Pinkas (address@hidden)

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