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A companion interpreted language for @Filter clause

From: Giovanni Zezza
Subject: A companion interpreted language for @Filter clause
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 00:25:55 +0100

I know where this might lead, but I can't help to ask anyway. Take it as an
adolescent speculation (or rather a climacteric one, that's something
nearer to my actual age; I wasn't so far able to find something between,
though ;-) ).

@Filter is no doubt a powerful and sometimes very useful thing; a sort of
shortcut to everywhere, so to say. It leads, though, to incompatibility
problems and, from there, to pure nightmare if overused.

What about a call to a specific language instead of to "whatever is out
there"? Let's choose a profitable interpreted language, preferably a text
processing one; maybe Awk or (sorry) Python or (I beg your pardon) Perl or
(God save us) Java.
A lot of them are available in virtually every know system, and they are
powerful and general enough to solve any problem. In most systems they may
be somehow linked so that to optimize calls, too. No more compatibility
problems and some efficiency improvement too, maybe.

Well... so to speak, you know; nothing to be taken seriously. ;-)


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