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maximum size 57.790c exceeded

From: Glenn Reed
Subject: maximum size 57.790c exceeded
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 06:33:09 GMT


Can anyone tell me what the following error message means?

4,1 fatal error : maximum size 57.790c exceeded

I am wondering if it refers to oversize line length or oversize page
length.  I am only converting one page to postscript so I am a little
surprised but it does contain two tables.

I've tried reducing the font size but that doesn't seem to have fixed
it.  What does this maximum size business refer to.  I have even tried
to spread the two tables on to separate pages with the @NP command.
No difference.

Can anyone advise me what the problem is and if you have a possible
workaround this would be much appreciated.  If anyone is interested I
can get back the entire contents of my lout file.  (It isn't very

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