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Re: Lout vs. desktop publishing systems

From: Vassili Dzuba
Subject: Re: Lout vs. desktop publishing systems
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 08:50:26 DFT

On Thu, 12 Sep 1996 19:10:59 +0400 (MSD), address@hidden wrote:
> Are there any users of Lout out there who have also had experience
> with high-end desktop publishing systems (FrameMaker, Interleaf,
> possibly others)?  I would be interested to hear from you, if so;
> I am trying to update my knowledge of the "competition" and how it
> compares with Lout, since it is several years now since I looked
> at them, and I would appreciate hearing of any experiences people
> have had.
> Jeff Kingston
> address@hidden (until December)
> address@hidden (still works fine, is being forwarded automatically)


Do you know if somebody published an in-depth comparison of Lout and TeX ?
I'm mosty interested in the low-level primitives, as the source will be
generated by a program.

Vassili Dzuba

Vassili Dzuba                   tel : +33 (1)
Directeur Technique, TetraSys   fax : +33 (1)
26, avenue de Tourville         email : address@hidden
75007 Paris, FRANCE

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