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Lout vs. desktop publishing systems

Subject: Lout vs. desktop publishing systems
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 17:57:18 +0200

Jeffrey H. Kingston writes:
 > Are there any users of Lout out there who have also had experience
 > with high-end desktop publishing systems (FrameMaker, Interleaf,
 > possibly others)?  

I am not really an expert user of such systems; however, I could't
convice my dear wife to use Lout (on the family Linux box) for a 35
page university report for DESS (something like a Master's) in
clinical psychology.

So she used an old Macintosh running ClarisWorks (definitly not a
high-end publishing system). On occasions, I helped her!

I believe that ClarisWorks has a plus regarding to Lout. The ability
to have model sheets, which factor common document style and common
heading, etc.

For instance, it easy to create a document from a model which has at
once a common apperance and some predefined text (eg in a letter, the
sender's adress, current date, etc...)

Even for me (an experienced Lout user) defining a model sheet and/or a
style is a nightmare. I do know how to change parameters (like default
heading fonts, etc) but I don't know how to reliably define new kind
of documents (for instance, a bilingual document with 2 columns, and
for each paragraph the english version on left column and aligned the
french version on right column).

Thanks for lout-3.09

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