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Page count in footer

From: Jeff Kingston
Subject: Page count in footer
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 08:20:00 +1000

At present you can't use @PageOf in a @Use clause, but I've fixed
this for Version 3.02 (arriving very shortly).  I've also changed
DocumentLayout so that it automatically marks the last page with
tag last.page.  So in Version 3.02 you will be able to write

        @OddFoot { @Centre { - Page @PageNum of @PageOf last.page - } }

without any problems.

Incidentally, it took me two minutes to make these changes.  I
mention this because it points up an interesting phenomenon:  the
hardest thing about augmenting Lout these days is not writing the
code, it's the inertia that comes from having a large standard
environment.  Any Lout expert user could do what I did, but then
they would have an incompatible version of DocumentLayout.  However,
it's still possible to write a special-purpose package without these
problems arising, I hope.


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